The Slenderman Myth


I came across these words this morning in a Christian Science Monitor article about the Slenderman myth that has recently been in the headlines after two twelve year old girls tried to kill their friend and claimed they were doing it for Slenderman.

My grandmother would always snap me out of it by telling me what I now tell my own children, “These things only have the power we give them.”

As a parent, the thought that will not leave my head and keeps me up at night is that children like these two girls join the monster rather than beat it.

The bedtime story to tell our kids tonight, and for many nights to come, is the one about the child who had the power to dispel and un-mask monsters all along. We can tell them how badly that frightens Slenderman and all the other myths that try to seek to control us and encourage fear. — Lisa Suhay

I mentioned in a previous posting that mythology is a possible way of conveying truth. I had the Greek myths in mind and what they can tell us about the human condition. But here’s a case where myth equals lies and a fictional character is taken to be a real figure. Help your children dispel fear by teaching them faith, hope, reason and love. And it never hurts to read the Bible.


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