1. To whom has a consciousness of existence been given? Only to such a one has the world been disclosed.

2. To know that something exists is not the same as perceiving it. Animals perceive, yet it is doubtful whether they have an awareness of being, an understanding that they are, that the world is.

3. An ontological rule: When considering anything that exists, always consider, along with it, the being for whom it is. Science arrives only after the sense of being has been awakened. Everything a scientist studies has been implicated.

4. Language is not simply a means of communication but a conceptual apparatus that helps interpret the world. It is a way of making sense of things.

5. Ponder each of the following words:





Every word requires a massive ability to conceptualize being.

6. The being who has a sense of being must also have a grasp of non-being. The stars shine against an abyss.


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